How we do the job

It doesn’t matter if we design a home cinema, a multiroom audio system during a refit or a complete design of the electrical system, security and home automation system for a new build home: de Opera Domotica designs, assist and realize every step in the process.

Each project has one dedicated project leader who’s responsible from scratch to delivery


How do you plan to live? During the orientation we talk about your wishes for convenience, entertainment and security, how you live and what you expect.

What’s possible and how does it work? We suggest possible systems in the frame of your budget and fulfilling your wishes.

Which products in each room? From the budget we present the best possible solution for each room.


System design; in AutoCAD we design every possible product or connection for each room.

Cabling and connection diagram is well documented to hand over to the electrical contractor.

Functionality of the system is described in detail for each room and user interface.


Project leader is one person of de Opera Domotica, concerning security, av, IT/network and control.

Workflow: will be done with the (interior)architect, building manager to accomplish a smooth blending of technology in the building process.


Wiring designed for current and future technologies is properly realized.

Components and programming of sub-systems: the home automation system is pre-tested, prepared and programmed for 80-90%.

Connecting all cabling is connected to the components in the central cabinet and in the ceilings prepared for the painters.

Components placement speakers, displays, touchscreens are positioned by specialized av-fitters with more than 10 years of experience.


Programming: of the final details is done on-site and tested with the several sub-systems.

Optimize the user experience, settings of the sound and vision components is taken care of for each room.

Pre delivery of the system is done with an extensive explanation of the user interface

Service period of one month to experience the system and realize what changes or wishes appear in everyday use.


Manual and documents are well documented and turned over to the housekeeping or customer.

Service contract; is presented as different options if needed extended to 24/7 service and immediate replacement of crucial components.

Experience the system for three months and after that period we make an appointment to do the finishing touch