Why choosing De Opera Domotica?

De Opera Domotica is one of the first Custom Installation companies in Holland focusing on design, engineering and realization of high-end sophisticated home automation systems.

From these 15 years of experience we know exactly how to design and realize this level of integration in a residential system. The choices for each system and sub-system for security, HVAC, Jacuzzi/wellness/swimming pool has been tested several times and optimized for the intended purpose of convenient control.

With leading companies in every field we developed unique interfaces to accomplish the best possible integration and easy-to-use experience.

It’s very easy to choose different systems and just put them together in a home, I’s another league to integrate systems so it looks and feels if there’s one system. Only after doing tens of projects we’ve that experience and use that knowledge.

With this experience and approach we can guarantee a smooth installation.

Each specialist in his own field:

Programming Control4 or Crestron systems needs special skills and experience. Selecting speakers, sizes of displays and other av-related issues needs different skills and experience. Every home, every room, every situation is different and needs to be thoroughly advised.

Unique software modules designed from de Opera Domotica

When we wanted the best user experience we had to design our own software modules. Especially the security systems need to be controlled and monitored without special knowledge of the customer.

All modules are developed to extract the basic control you want and not the high-tech user interfaces you don’t want to learn…..

Everything for the purpose of ‘Reliable and easy-to-use control’