Dedicated Home Cinema

Cinema seats

The seats can be equipped with relaxing sofas or chairs or in the case of a real ‘ Home Theatre ‘ with cinema seats. The cinema chairs are specifically developed chairs with cup holders, integrated ‘ reading lights ‘ and possibly power adjustment/massage for the ultimate cinematic experience.

Sound reproduction

Systems based on 5.1 to 5.7 systems, full THX certified. Acoustic studies for optimization and adjustment for the acoustics of the room. Wisdom audio is the best in terms of sound reproduction.

Lounge Home Cinema

Tv lifts

A large plasma/Lcd can easily be eliminated with current techniques. There are elevator systems which can appear up or down out of a closet or other furniture or appear when a painting slips aside.

Image display

Full HD Lcd/led by 26 “to 65” for display of ‘ high definition television ‘, Blu-ray/dvd and Apple tv or PC. Possibility to “hide” a LCD fully in/behind a mirror (mirror TV).

Sound reproduction

Sound speakers can be fully integrated into the wall as inwall/inceiling. Active subwoofers can also be placed into the wall.

Bedroom Home Cinema

Invisible integration

From the ceiling a tv flips down, ideally positioned to watch tv from the bed. A hocker to the foot end is a nice alternative to a 26 “lcd with a tvlift.

Image reproduction

Display of ‘ high definition television ‘, Blu-ray/dvd and with one touch of a button the image of the gate or a security camera.


Stereo or 5.1 system for unobtrusive sound reproduction, specifically tuned for a bedroom.

Curious about the possibilities?