Complete showroom

The ultimate home automation experience

Our showroom features a ‘Dedicated home cinema’, light control, multi-room audio and video, and more and is always at your disposal.

Inspire your customers

During the first exploratory visit to the showroom, we can jointly help customers understand more about what is possible in their home. All the systems we recommend can hereby be demonstrated.

Experience automation at the highest level

The showroom is always at your disposal so that you yourself can control various aspects of home automation and experience them.

High-quality project documentation

High-quality CAD drawings

All our designers work on your CAD drawings. This provides clear alignment of locations and piping.

Detailed cable schedules

We deliver color-coded, easy cable diagrams to electricians in order to understand programs. This states from where each cable runs, with a specific number / color.

Guidance during implementation

Both the electrician and the contractor and heating / cooling technician will be guided throughout the process where necessary.