Digital media: DM – fiber optic audio video distribution

There is no doubt that the digital era has begun. Analog TV is or will be history; virtually any device that plugs into a display has an HDMI port, the latest MacBooks only have DisplayPort outputs; laptops built-in Blu-ray players, and the latest video conferencing systems are exclusively equipped with HDMI / DVI outputs. Crestron DigitalMedia ™ (DM) is the only solution that answers to tomorrow’s challenges.


De Opera Domotica designed and engineered DM and fiber optic networks for the distribution of high end audio-video (including Dolby True HD, DTS-HD, 3D video).




Distribution of multimedia offers several amenities including the ability to access your central source for all TV locations in your house.

In many cases, De Opera Domotica installs and configures multiple Digital Video Recorders (DVR) for each user in a home. This gives great flexibility and ease that made a user television recordings and can be played.

Curious about the possibilities?