iPad/iPhone/Android domotica – home automation.

The latest additions in terms of operation for a Control4 / Crestron automation / home automation system are:

  • Apple iPad / iPhone / iPod touch control via a Crestron home automation app / Control4 My Home.
  • Android operating via a Crestron home automation app / Control4 My Home.


Now, the use of a Crestron / Control4 touchscreen remains the most reliable and preferable interpretation. This is due to the following considerations:

  • Crestron / Control4 touch screens are fully monitored and developed specifically for the purpose.
  • Crestron / Control4 touch screens have their own software / control system that automatically start up in the correct mode / setting.
  • Operating in particular heating, lighting and security needs, without any risk of unwanted breaches via an open wireless network, to be guaranteed.


What does a Crestron Apple / Android addition to the home automation system of De Opera Domotica for you:

  • Additional wireless touch screens, whether as inwall docking version, which in addition to the Crestron control system, additional e-mail, social networks, internet, photo display, etc. offer.
  • An inexpensive expansion in the mobile smartphone to remotely control and monitor the automation system.

Home automation control via an Android phone

Curious about the possibilities?