Home automation lighting control

Arrange lighting

Select your favorite light scene or dim specific lamps with your own touch screen. And do you already have garden-and scare lighting? Pleasant, because these provide a safe feeling. You check this easy and fast with your touchscreen.

Audio-video control

Audio-video control with one control check everything!

Search your music collection, adjust the temperature of the heating, operate the lighting or open the gate of your house.

Audio and video distribution

All picture and sound in various areas-call music, videos, and photos on call in various areas. The computer, laptop and iPod can receive and display the same music everywhere.

Telephony and security

Someone’s ringing the doorbell? Then the music can be automatically put on mute or you can put the film or television broadcast on pause.

Integration Security

Integration Security Gate Control

When a visitor is on front of your door, automatically you will see the image of the intercom at the gate. You can then operate the gate with your Crestron touchscreen Panel.

Camera surveillance

An unwanted visitor enters your plot? Then the alarm goes off and that part of your garden will be displayed on both the televisions as the touch screens.

Interior integration

Television lifts

Television lifts for various situations, we can offer you lifts that let LCDs appear out off the floor or the ceiling and which can make furniture magically come forward

Painting and projector lifts

You can put your plasma screens behind paintings or mirrors if you wish. These can then be moved/shifted in order to display the plasma. Would you prefer your projectors coming from the ceiling? Also that we can arrange for you.

Curtain control and blinds

Curtains and security

When you switch on the alarm, curtains and shutters will be closed automatically. Therefore you do not have to check all the areas.

Presence simulation

The sun blinds, curtains and lighting can be included in the presence simulation, so it looks like you are at home.

Climate control

Temperature measurement

You can include the Crestron temperature measurement into the switch gear. You can also choose for very small temperature sensors, which will measure the humidity all at once as well. With this you can control for example the ventilation in the bathroom and/or shower.

Temperature control

You can adjust the floor heating apart of the air treatment/cooling by measurement in the floor and the room. You can realize comfortable warm feet in the living room with the touch of a button. …

Curious about the possibilities?