Mood lighting

Create light scenes

When we install all the fixtures in the room on a specific light level setting, you can call on any occasion a different atmosphere.

Select the scene

With one push on the button the selected setting will be executed, which create the perfect atmosphere for that moment. Think about reading, relaxing or entertainment.

Touchscreen and switches

Operating a light scene, or dimming a particular lamp, is possible with the light switch, as well as with your touchscreen. Ideal to start a movie for example out of the comfort of your lazy chair. The light dims automatically to ‘movie mode.’

Total lighting control

“Everything off” has never been so easy

It is not necessary to check all the areas to see if all the lights are off. The system ensures that everything is off and will show this on the touch screen. Do you want to turn off the light at your kids at 19.30 hours? You can arrange this with one push of a button.

Presence simulation

When you  press vacation mode, the lighting system will have the living pattern of the past two or three weeks. So if in the morning at 9:00 am the first light goes on in the bedroom and then in the bathroom and then in the hallway, all this this simulated.

Link security

When there is an alarm message the lighting control system can make the lights flashing (flickering on/off) in order to be able to alarm people passing by.