Multiroom Audio

Inwall/inceiling loudspeakers

Perfect sound in every room of your home without the visibility of cables or speakers. Even speakers behind the stucco provide unprecedented sound.

Integration into the interior

When de Opera Domotica is involved at an early stage in the design, cabling and speakers can be completely eliminated. Speaker placement behind interior frames or through grates in the wall: almost anything is possible.

Wireless and inwall control

Would you like to select music, adjust the volume or possibly control lighting or cameras? This is possible with  small touchscreens / controllers in the wall or with wireless touch screens. It lets you easily control everything from your couch or from the terrace.


All the music around your house is available with the storage system . By adding an Apple iPod / TV, Kaleidescape or SONOS it is possible to call music , Internet radio, and photos anywhere.

Multiroom Video

Ultra High Definition Television (UHD or 4K) available everywhere

4K is the new standard for images. Via a 4K distributionsystem it’s possible watching UHD in every defined space. Crestron Digital Media is leading in this tech market.

Blu-ray & Photos

Watch Blu-ray in 1080p and 4k video or view a slideshow of family photos on any TV in the house. Visitors can have their photographs and videos quickly shown simple on television via a wireless unit.

Sunlight and waterproof Television

Outside looking in full sunlight television is still enjoyable with a sunlight readable screen TV. The same goes for television display by projection in a pool or a bathroom TV. For each request / application, we have a solution for you!

DVD, Blu-Ray, internet HD video

Through the Kaleidescape system and Crestron DigitalMedia system DVD, Blu-Ray, 4K video and Internet HD videos available anywhere in the home. Online movies in original quality rent or buy through Apple or Kaleidescape. Both systems are super easy to use and use without any technical knowledge.